TEA Party Insights is now HD (720) and has available Closed Captioning

In our drive to give our viewers the best possible viewing experience, within the confines of our budget, we have gone to 720-HD and included on-demand closed captioning.

After watching our first video a few times, we realized that we really needed to improve the video quality. We also realized that the camera that we were using did not want to focus on a presenter who was not centered in the field of view.

So a few changes and a new camera later, we have gone HD. We chose to only use 720, instead of 1080, in order to reduce the download file size and improve streaming stability on slow internet connections.

We reshot our first two programs and the About Us program is now available in HD (below) and with on-demand closed captioning. Our first regular program is now in post production and will be available soon.

Here is our About TEA Party Insights program.

Now that we have our video and audio looking and sounding the way we want, we hope to be able to turn out more programs on a weekly basis. So we encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel at:

TEA Party Insights is Already Upgrading… Again

TEA Party Insights went live with our first introductory program last week and planned to have our first regular program out by today. But the more we looked at the video, the less we were impressed with the quality of the video. So we’re upgrading… again.

As we stated earlier, it is our goal to provide not only accurate content, but high video production quality. We were delayed in getting our first program out, because we were not satisfied with the sound quality. The new microphone system corrected that. But if you look at the About Us program below, you will notice that although the slides are sharp, the host is not in sharp focus.

We changed our lighting setup, which was also needed, but even by creating better lighting contrast, the camera that we were using would not focus off-center, when using a chromakey backdrop (green screen). The result was that our first regular program was filmed twice and we were never able to get it to look acceptable.

Now for the good news. Our new camera will focus on any spot on the screen and then hold that focus until told to go back to auto-focus. We tested it last evening and first impressions are very good.

We’re tweaking the sound to account for different gain levels in the new camera and then we’ll re-shoot both the About Us program and the first regular program. It will, of course, take a little time in post-production editing, to create the final product.

We expect both shows to be out this weekend. If they look as good as we think they will, the rest of the shows should flow like clockwork.

Please pardon our delay. We want to provide programs where you will be able to focus on the facts presented and not be distracted by poor video or audio quality.

Thank you for your patience.