TEA Party Insights WebTV Launches Soon

TEA Party Insights WebTV will be launching soon.

We’re putting the pieces together and have two backup shows (generic shows that we can use, if for some reason, our regular show is delayed) ready for broadcast. We are now in the process of producing an About Us show and the first primary show.

UPDATE:  In post-production editing, we have discovered some lighting issues that affect our chromakey (green-screen) accuracy. This has required us to reposition our lighting and re-shoot some segments.

We were also not entirely satisfied with the final audio quality of our first shows, so we ordered a new microphone system. The new mics have arrived and they’re awesome.

We’re in the process of reshooting and editing our first shows, with the new mics and adjusted lighting.

Please pardon our delay. We’re trying to provide you with not only the best content, but the best production quality, as well. Getting the initial setup correct is almost done. From then on, things should flow like clockwork.

At TEA Party Insights, we will try to provide you with the most accurate and well sourced information available. It is also our intent to provide this information in a high production quality format, so as to reinforce the facts presented, through visual content.

Like the foundations of the TEA Party movement, TEA Party Insights is independent of any outside forces or party influence. While we welcome advertisers who support the TEA Party movement and wish to help us continue to produce quality programming, our editorial content is our own. In other words, we will always be true to TEA Party principles, even if it means that we have to shoulder the production costs ourselves.

Speaking of TEA Party principles, we will focus on issues that made the TEA Party strong. That means cutting taxes, cutting spending, reducing the deficit, reducing the national debt and other issues that relate to the aforementioned issues. After all, the T-E-A in TEA Party means Taxed Enough Already. These issues not only strike home with all conservatives, but with moderates and more than a few liberals, as well.

While we’re personally concerned with other conservative issues, those other issues aren’t what made the TEA Party strong. It was the single focus of the TEA Party on those economic issues, that appealed to such a broad swath of Americans and supercharged the conservative movement. When we stick to those original TEA Party issues, we win. But when we start deviating to other issues, that’s where we start losing the interest of those moderates and liberals, whose votes we need.

For example, we here, at TEA Party Insights, are among the strongest believers in the original intent of the 2nd Amendment. However, of the several large gun-rights groups around, few have been able to attract much support outside of their core advocates. The same applies to social issues, such as abortion, homosexual marriage, healthcare, privacy, right-to-work, state’s rights and the like. Nobody has to tell me that the 2nd Amendment protects the rights guaranteed us in the other amendments. But that position has not proven to be a winning argument, in general. If an issue is not a winning issue, then we’ll avoid that issue, except when it’s topical.

We’re about the issues that made the TEA Party such a powerful sensation in U.S. politics. That means that we’re about fixing the economy, so that we’ll have enough of a nation left that we can have the luxury of being concerned with those other issues. Besides, if we can get say… 250 TEA Party conservatives elected in the House, then all of those other issues will benefit. Not all of those TEA Party conservatives will be conservative on every issue, but with 250 TEA Party conservatives in Congress, the overall effect will be not only an improved economy, but a more conservative Congress across the board. Think of it this way. With 250 fiscal conservatives in the House, it’s a virtual certainty that 218 of them will be conservative across the board.

Just remember that in the 2012 elections, the TEA Party candidates who won, were almost exclusively those who stuck to the TEA Party basics and avoided getting drawn into controversial debates on issues where there was a wide spread of opinions among their constituents. On the other hand, most of those who lost were those who broadened their campaign focus to include not only broad-based TEA Party issues, but several more controversial issues that have limited support outside of strong conservatives and that ultimately sunk their campaigns.

We’re not suggesting that conservatives should change their positions on those other issues. I’m just suggesting that we don’t get carried away with talking about issues where our position has limited voter support. The TEA Party has become a major force, by sticking to a very few issues that resonate with large numbers of Americans.

Therefore, TEA Party Insights will stick to those issues. If there’s another mass shooting incident in a school or some other criminal safe zone, we may do a single show on that event. But the next show we’ll be back to talking about the primary TEA Party issues. If we talk about illegal immigration, it will be in regard to how it affects our economy. If we talk about Obamacare, that show too, will be in regard to how it affects our economy. We’ll always come back to or relate to the issues that have a proven winning track record… cutting taxes, spending, the debt and the deficit and closely related issues.

The other thing that you can expect from TEA Party Insights is that we will provide information on where to find the source data that we use, so TEA Party detractors will have no place to hide from the facts. If you want a liberal to listen to your arguments, then you have to lay down the facts in such a way that you effectively flatten his counter-arguments, before he has a chance to use them. If you should leave out an important fact, it should only be as bait, to draw the TEA Party detractor further into a well of facts from which he can’t escape. Indisputable facts, from sources that even the liberals have to respect, is what TEA Party Insights will provide.

We hope that you enjoy TEA Party Insights WebTV.

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