TEA Party Insights WebTV is LIVE!

We’re LIVE!

It took a little longer than expected, but we’re live.

The first video is just an About Us program, posted only on YouTube, at this time. The program and future programs will be available as video podcasts, beginning in a few days.

In fact, these programs are intended for podcasts, which means that they are formatted for and have a resolution aimed at mobile devices. The programs should look fine on an iPhone or iPad. But if you try to play them full screen on your computer, they may be a little grainy. If we get enough feedback requesting a higher resolution version of the programs, then we’ll make the effort to produce the programs in two formats.

Here is the first program.

Future programs will cover specific issues related to taxes, spending, the debt, the deficit and other fiscal issues.

I also want to give a hearty thank you to Tamar Yonah, of Israel National Radio, for doing the voice-over that you hear at the beginning and end of each program of TEA Party Insights.

We encourage you to listen in every week, for your regular dose of political sanity, from the TEA Party perspective.


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