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TEA Party Insights welcomes media requests for official statements, interviews, appearances or re‑broadcast permission.

In addition to being the host of TEA Party Insights WebTV, John Gaver is the principal “Tax and Economy” Contributor for the “Red, White & Lori” radio program on Florida’s WWPR radio (AM1490). He has also been a featured guest on radio programs including, “Opening Bell”, with Jim LaCamp, on KFXR 1190AM in Dallas and on the “Tamar Yonah Show”, on Israel National Radio. Moreover, John is an accomplished public speaker, who has converted his decades of speaking to business and professional groups, to the purpose of speaking on political issues, to Pachyderm clubs, 9‑12 organizations and other conservative and TEA Party groups.

For speaking engagements, John typically includes a very professional slide show (similar to what you see on our WebTV programs) that often inspires audience members to make comments along the lines of, “…the best/most persuasive I’ve ever seen.” However, he knows his subject so well that he can give the same presentations without slides or notes of any kind. Presentations range from 30 minutes to one hour and if requested, the one hour program can be easily expanded to double that length.

For media appearances, John’s focus is to stay on the moderator’s pre-defined topic and make the moderator look good, while presenting factual answers to the moderator’s questions.

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