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While we have a long list of show topics, the order in which various issues are addressed on the show is not carved in stone. We also realize that there may be important issues that we might have overlooked. Therefore, we welcome suggestions from our viewers, for topics that you would like to hear addressed on TEA Party Insights.

Just remember that at TEA Party Insights, we prefer to largely stick to topics related to those that made the TEA Party the formidable force that it is. From the beginning, the TEA Party got immediate traction across a broad spectrum of voters – conservative, moderate and even some liberals – because of it’s singular focus, Taxed Enough Already”. Furthermore, it’s when conservatives stray from those key topics that we lose support from some of those voters.

This isn’t to suggest that we should not support other issues. It’s just that when we become too vocal on those non-TEA Party issues, we lose support from many of those who came over to the TEA Party to help us fight to lower taxes and establish sound fiscal policy. The important point to remember is that a fiscal conservative is far more likely to be an across the board conservative, than will a RINO or Democrat.

That’s why we focus on those original “winning” TEA Party issues:

  • Lowering Taxes
  • Cutting Spending
  • Reducing the Deficit
  • Lowering the Debt
  • Stopping the Inflationary Printing of Money
  • and to a marginally lesser degree, the Economy in General

If you have a topic that you would like to see us cover and it doesn’t fall within one of those issues, them please suggest how your topic ties in with one or more of the above issues. For example, Illegal Immigration costs US citizens jobs and taxes dollars that could go to lowering the deficit, end up going to support those illegal aliens. That’s your tie-in. Obamacare creates more taxes and hurts an already fragile economy. That’s your tie-in.

The more requests that we get for a certain topic, the more likely we will be to introduce that topic or push it to an earlier show.

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